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Martin F Garcia


Martin F Garcia is a well-known sports personality in Wauconda. He is an expert in playing softball and has earned several achievements and accolades for showing his outstanding performance in softball.


Being a softball player, he says that a softball coach is responsible for doing several things that are mentioned below:-

  • As a softball coach, he is responsible for regularly inspecting all the things that are present at the softball field which includes game fields and equipment.
  • While playing the role of a coach, it is you’re responsibility to have proper communication skills as you will have to communicate with your players and their parents as well. It is also your duty to communicate effectively with the coaching staff, umpires, administrators and all the people present in a field.
  • When teaching the fundamentals skill of softball, Martin F Garcia says that it is your responsibility to think of some innovative game approaches that helps in making it more enjoyable. In order to improve the skills of a player, you must need to have a sound understanding of all the skills that is needed in a softball.
  • Before starting with the fundamentals of a softball, it is necessary to give an overview of all the rules that is needed to be followed in a softball to the players.
  • He further added to teach the players about several other things, which includes things like determining starting lineup and a substitution plan and help them in making sound calculated decisions during the game.
  • If you want your players to play softball safely and successfully then make them understand about the value of fitness.
  • While teaching them about softball, it is also your responsibility to make them one of the respective citizen of their country, which can be done by developing the character of learning, caring, being honest and respectful among other people.
  • Martin F Garcia further says that it is your responsibility to provide a healthy environment to the players in such a way that every player has the opportunity to learn the game without having any fear.

Martin F Garcia : What are the responsibilities of a softball coach?