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Martin F Garcia: How to do Softball Pitching?
almost 4 years ago

Just like any other sports, softball has many skills that need to be learned in order to play it well. One of the most important skills for playing softball is doing effective pitching. Therefore, it is necessary for a player to master the art of doing pitching in order to play the game with more excitement and fun.

Martin F Garcia had mentioned some of the tips that can help the player in doing the pitching correctly, which is mentioned below:-  

  • While playing softball, it is the duty of a player to make sure that your pitching arms pass overhead while your weight is on the drive leg.
  • Swing your arms up as your body moves along with it.
  • Release the ball once it is adjacent to your hip.
  • Push your drive leg off the pitching rubber to give you more power.

Martin F Garcia says that once you have tried doing those things, then you will end up successfully in pitching the ball to the batter. He had also mentioned some of the actions that can be avoided while doing pitching, which includes:-

  • Do not let your balance arm swing off to the side because this will lessen your pitching power as you throw the ball.
  • While raising your hand, just stand straight. Do not lean over as this will cause you to let the ball go late.
  • If you do not want to have any ankle, knee or hip injury, do not land on the sideways of your stride leg.
  • The ball should be released behind the shoulders. Do not release the ball in front of your body and you can’t pitch it to your maximum power.

The pitching could be as easy as that, but it plays an important role in playing the softball says Martin F Garcia. Thus, once you have gained perfection in pitching than you are on the way of becoming a professional softball player.

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Martin F Garcia is a coach, a mentor and a great leader, who is connected with the USSSA.
Martin F Garcia is a sports coach, who is connected with the USSSA and helping the youth in improving their overall performance in the field of athletics.