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What to Look For in a Health and Wellness Coach?
almost 4 years ago

Martin F Garcia is a sports coach, who is connected with the USSSA and helping the youth in improving their overall performance in the field of athletics.

Being a professional, he says that Coaches provide you with advices, recommendations that will help you in knowing what you ought to do in terms of improving your fitness goals. They further help you in giving their feedback and guidance that is based on your personal goals and lifestyle.

He had mentioned some of the tips that will help you in selecting the most appropriate coach based on your health and fitness, which includes:-

  • Consider the type of Coaching

If you know your needs and requirements, then a good coach will help you in fulfilling your needs that further helps in improving your lifestyle completely says Martin F Garcia. Thus, the right coach will help you in addressing your specific needs and work with them. A good coach should also be able to design a program that suits you the best.


  • Consider their level of education and training

It is recommended to find a health and wellness coaches whose levels of experiences and training vary considerably as with varied coaches and programs, you have plenty to choose from.  Therefore, it is suggested to do your proper research, while hiring a professional coach.


  • Consider what programs they offer

Martin F Garcia says that while making the process of hiring professional coach considers the advantages and disadvantages and weighs them against your specific needs. If you're already on a program and you're unable to get consistent guidance and support then one-time sessions are suitable. If you want a health and wellness coach to tailor a program that meets your specific needs then opt for a face-to-face session.

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